WPC – My first moon shot of the NEW Year

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “New.”

It was hand held so not the sharpest but my goodness it is utterly beautiful this evening.  This year I am determined to get a better lens and try and capture it with some scenery. Watch this space. DSC_0007


20 thoughts on “WPC – My first moon shot of the NEW Year

  1. Hi, I just took a photo of the moon from South Africa and wanted to compare it for fun…would you mind if I put the 2 photos side by side in our blog, you can the copy ours and do the same if you want.

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    • Well, there is just something about the moon that evokes emotions isn’t there. This is not the best shot to be fair. It just leads me yet another lens on my list that I just absolutely need to buy.

  3. Looking forward to the birds and moons … in the meantime, I carry a wee ‘bean bag’* everywhere in my camera case; so if I have camera but no tripod and need a longish exposure I can just find a convenient fencepost (or letterbox or car bonnet or anything) and am immediately in business.

    * An old sock filled with rice, now upgraded to a wee lady’s bag thing (cloth, not plastic) from the Orphan’s Aid op shoppe pliably ‘filled’ with rice and the zipped sewn shut. Works beautifully and stuffs away nicely in the camera case (where it would help protect against impacts if I were lout enough to drop it).

    • Ooh that is a good idea Argus. I think I may have to do the same thing. I have a new lens, a Nifty Fifty heading towards me to the next phase is going to be close ups.

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