WPC – Scale – Single File

There was such a melancholy about this scene of small posts protecting the new dunes on the beach on a very foggy morning that I had to capture it to see if anybody else saw what I did.


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23 thoughts on “WPC – Scale – Single File

    • When I looked it kind of reminded me of women in cloaks evacuating a village in the desert.. It had a real sadness about it. I do have a habit of putting my own emotions onto my shots lol.

    • Oh yes it really is, I love anything that sheds a new light on things, fog, snow, mist, raging wind that sends the sea into turmoil. Best time to get out with the camera.

    • It does have that feel about it from this angle and with the fog falling. In reality they are just tiny pegs marking out sand dunes for protection. I love them though and will visit again with the camera. Thank you for your reply. 🙂

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