WPC – Rule of thirds 2


Two entries at once but it just so happens I took both of these photographs on the same day last week. I missed last weeks challenge so thought I would balance that out by entering two into this (one being a bit OCD and the like.)

Not so much OCD ย however that I wanted to pull it into Photoshop to straighten it up for perfection. It was an upward shot and I like it just how it is, rules begone.

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13 thoughts on “WPC – Rule of thirds 2

    • Thank you. My son (in the chair) absolutely loves going to the barbers, it is such a boy thing isn’t it. I have been wanting to take this photo for ages and had it in my mind. I just snapped away whilst he was having his hair cut and was quite happy that it kind of matched this weeks theme. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Ha yes. The beginnings of the holiday hair cut. As mad as it sounds the schools around here have banned short back and sides (Why I honestly do not know as it looks quite smart!) so I get his hair cut at the beginning of the holidays now to avoid him getting told off at school lol.

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