WPC – Rule of thirds


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13 thoughts on “WPC – Rule of thirds

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    • Well, she is my daughter and I totally agree. They are all addicted to instant stimulation these days. I don’t have the internet on my phone because I would hate to miss something that I could photograph. Mind you, we were at the Barbers getting her brothers hair cut so there was not much else going on lol x

  2. It’s a great shot as it stands … but I further experimented by covering the left-hand side (phone, fingers, hands) just to see the difference (one of the ways I learn) and the mystery it introduced—especially if you look at her eye. What a superb starting point for a story~!

    • Yep and to be honest I am not really liking that dark shadow on her thumb, it draws the eye away from the main subject. if I cropped it then it would be too narrow and I am really not enough an expert in editing to remove it from the Photo so it stays but it would work without the phone for that reason for sure.

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