Rule of Thirds 3 – High Tide

Another two recent shots from this weeks walk about that might fit this theme. In the first shot the sea was quite calm compared to ten minutes later. As you can see in the next one it was a pretty high tide and I did at one point get absolutely drenched. Still, if you are not there you won’t get the shot.



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34 thoughts on “Rule of Thirds 3 – High Tide

    • If there are two things we have here that would be very low and magnificent clouds and the sea at high time is tremendous. If you are in the right place you can take all sorts of shots.

    • Thank you, the first one was a composed shot, the second one having been drenched by the sea twice was a ‘I have to catch of shot of that sea coming over the wall’ shot lol. 🙂

  1. Love your shots. Inspiring (memo to self: try B & W some time soon). There’s power and oomph in the second shot but the first really sings to me—and you’re right, it wouldn’t sing half so loud in colour. Boom boom!

    • Thank you. I can’t get past black and white Argus, I think because I spend so much time looking at the old time great photographers it is just ingrained in my brain and I never feel I can pull a colour photograph off in the same way, although perhaps that is something that I need to work on. It is all about the mood and emotion that it captures for me. Secondly though, our sea here albeit it magnificent has not been looked after over the years sadly. If this shot was in colour that beautiful sea right there would be brown, and that is not a good look and this photograph would not have the same impact at all. There is the very odd time when the light is just so that you can capture what almost looks like a silver blue sea, but that really is just down to timing.

  2. Reblogged this on Cognitive Reflection and commented:
    I saw this the other day on the numpty with a camera’s blog. She posts some good images over there but the top one in this post really grabbed me. For some reason I imagined it as a scene during WWII and almost expected to see Spitfires or Hurricanes flying in formation out towards the pier. The white clouds rising like a distant mountain range add so much detail to the sky, I just cannot stop looking at this picture. I can almost hear the noise of the sea, smell the salt in the air and feel the small pin pricks of spray that hover almost constantly in the air. I associate that smell with a hearty meal of fish and chips complete with mushy peas (don’t knock em till you’ve tried em).

    I imagine being out on that pier, standing at the fencing at the very end looking directly into the frothy tops of angry waves, and getting a little scared because the sea is being rough and unpredictable, you feel you toes begin to curl a little as you look over the edge.

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