Wall of water

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I have a new camera so I am practicing with focus, shutter speed and all manner of things that you have to do when you take that step up. Just now I feel like I am grasping it but other times I feel like I am banging my head against a wall. My go to scene when I have to step up, down or change the focus fast is always the sea and it delighted me with a wall (albeit a small one) of curves and patterns. I hope this counts.

When I properly got into photography I bought the only SLR I could afford which was the D3000 and I have just handed that to my daughter in the hope she takes the same journey of learning that I did. I got some great photographs with that camera and it was the body I used to learn how to actually use a camera properly, in manual. (Not always I am not a slave. I use Shutter and Aperture priority a lot depending on the scene.) I feel after four years of knowing every setting on that camera I have now earned an upgrade. The upgrade is a Nikon D7000 and I am already more than a tiny bit in love with it.


19 thoughts on “Wall of water

    • All of my other photographs were taken on an entry level Nikon D3000 and I have had a brilliant learning journey with it, I have just moved up to a Nikon D7000 (I wanted the D7100 but it was out of stock and having reviewed them I knew this one would be just as good for me.) I have to admit, the first few outings with it and I am in love.

  1. I love my D7000. However it does not handle cold weather shooting nearly as well as my old D80. I have thought about buying a D7100 just so I could have another large format and not have to do the juggling of lenses thing. If I fall backwards into a bucket of money I’ll do just that. :p

    That said, lovely shot. I enjoy shooting surf. Salt water has such a different look then fresh…more foamy and full of life.

  2. A delightful pic – full of tumbling activity and detail, but smooth with it too. My eye is instantly drawn to the gymnast, right of centre 🙂

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