Weekly photo challenge – Blur

I was in London recently and although I loved it I have always struggled with crowds. I get hot and disoriented and start to feel a bit panicky. One thing about London is that there is no shortage of people.

I took this in the National History Museum at the top of a set of stairs. As I looked down to the sea of people I was about to become enveloped in that feeling of panic started to set in.

In order to try to capture that feeling I put the camera on a post and slowed the shutter down to introduce some motion blur. Although it isn’t as sharp as I would have liked at the focal point, I think I captured how I felt.

More contributions to this challenge here.


16 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge – Blur

    • I don’t know really how to describe it but when you are slightly claustrophobic or not comfortable in a sea of people everything starts to swim and this is kind of how it feels for me in that situation. x

  1. Well done, that Photographer~!

    I really wish I’d thought of something like that—blur as a concept, brilliant (Gods know, I spent enough time flat on my back as a young guy contemplating blurry universes through rum-induced pink hazes).

    • Ha, that feeling of the onslaught of a sea of people is a bit like being drunk so I think I captured it a bit 😀 Ahh Rum is a nice hazy drink.

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