Weekly Photo Challenge – Motion


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16 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Motion

    • Thank you. It is funny because I am from Manchester originally so I thought I was used to City life but I have lived by the coast for a few years now. I went to London for the first time since I was a kid and the business and vibrancy of the place was brilliant and made me realise I really am such a bumpkin these days. I did love this scene though.

  1. Captured the vibrance and energy very nicely.

    It took me a long time to realise that ‘London’ is simply a word to describe many dozens of wee villages, towns, and hamlets that eventually overflowed into each other. Which is possibly why the place never seems as big as it is. Was that a bike race, or event of some kind—or just a bunch taking off on a green light?

    • I was driving through and was stopped at the lights when I shot this and honestly I didn’t know one place from the other Moi, we were just hoofing it really. I am glad that people know where it is though, that kind of puts more of a story onto it. 🙂

      • :), yeah that is def the place. to the right of that, down some stairs is an excellent (albeit expensive) market called Borough Market, well worth a visit.

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