Weekly Photo Challenge – Forces of Nature

I have posted this photograph before but it is perfect for this challenge so here it is again. I was asked recently by someone if I ‘photoshopped’ this shot. (How very dare they!) The answer is no, what you see is what was captured and I spent many, many hours in the wind, cold and rain to capture it. I process my photographs in the same way that most other photographers do (I shoot in Raw mostly with seascapes so usually tweaks in contrast, highlights, curves if required and conversion to black and white in Camera Raw.) However, I am very firm on the fact that I never add anything that wasn’t there or manipulate an image and to be honest I am not really that competent with editing to do that. This is simply an example how much of a force of nature our sea can be.


More forces of nature here.

35 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Forces of Nature

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