About the Numpty..

A blog about my passion for photography.  It is a passion that progresses year in and year out and a hobby that you never stop learning.

I am a Manchester girl born and bred and now I live near the sea in a quiet town called Cleveleys not far from Blackpool England with my family.



63 thoughts on “About the Numpty..

  1. Dear Numpty, Thanks for visiting my blog. Looks like you’re an excellent novice – both with that wily, new camera with all its bells and whistles, and with the laptop, too. I still don’t understand mine. I’m still using the green button that says – automatic. The other pictures I can turn it to, I just forget about. Enjoy having fun. I’m right there with you – only without the swears! LOL Marsha 🙂

  2. Thank you for liking my post on retireediary. I have perused some of your posts and find that I like them. However, when I clicked on the “like” button, there was no response. Hence, I am leaving you this message. Best wishes, Michael

  3. Beautiful images, especially like the ones for 9/365. I always love good ‘fog’ images. They allow the imagination to wander. Thank you also for visiting and liking my recent post ‘Word a Week Challenge entry – Clouds’ – your support is appreciated!

    • Thank you for your comment. I love getting the chance to read through new blogs from the challenges, gives me an opportunity to see things I would never have come across otherwise. Following back. 🙂

      • Thanks for the return visit, and for liking my recent post ‘Emerging Light’ – your continued support is greatly appreciated!

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    • Aw thank you! This week I will sit down and do one big post acknowledging all of these. I have been so tied up with house maintenance I just haven’t had the time. Much appreciated Martin thank you x

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  7. Thanks for liking the pictures on my blog. Have only recently mustered up a little courage to start participating in these weekly challenges. It’s been fun so far and to think of all the blogs I have been able to visit and enjoy! Loved stumbling upon your “House” post — and I enjoy your voice. Looking forward to future posts!

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  9. I am truly in awe to find someone that as myself is in love with the written word and photography.
    I have been writing and taking my own pics to use for my stories, for over a year.
    It is so refreshing to find someone such as yourself that puts a piece of their being into their work…

  10. Great photography and poetry! Thank you for following my blog. I hope the my posts can help you reach more fans!

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  14. Thank you for liking my latest blog post. I really enjoy exploring the blogs that are suggested in the WordPress emails. Like you, I am a recent blogger and still learning.

  15. I have nominated you for an award i hope you accept it =) check out my photoblog and go the awards and nomination section to check it out.

  16. Great blog! I look forward to see a lot more of your work in the future: I’m your new follower. 🙂
    Greetings from the Far North

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  19. Hello there, I just discovered your blog today and I think your pictures are beautiful. I especially liked your one “Where you go..I will follow”. I don’t know if it’s your dog in the picture, but he or she is incredibly sweet. I look forward to browsing your other pictures 🙂

    • Thank you so much, it isn’t my dog I just spotted him looking at his master a lot while they were walking on the beach. I had to capture it x

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