The RAF Red Arrows came back to Blackpool.

If there is one thing that sends tingles down my spine and butterflies in my tummy it is a good old airshow. I love them. Especially when the RAF Red Arrows are involved. Today I was able to photograph them again as they did a show above the pleasure beach for the opening of the new ride Skyforce.

Now, there is not a chance in hell that you would get me on the ride but it was a great opportunity to see these amazing pilots in action.

All taken with my Tamron 18-270 lens which is my absolute go to lens for airshow shots.

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The Dancers are Still Dancing

I haven’t posted a broken photo yet but in the meantime here is one from Jill showing her photographs and talking about an amazing local artist.. We are so lucky where we live to have such a rich tapestry of talent.


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Broken.”


A cardboard box. Broken chalks and pastels, every shade, nestling in powdery remains.  A scrap of paper, blue and creased. An empty coffee mug, stained with colour, half full of muddy liquid, abandoned in a burst of inspiration.

Who would have thought that these tiny damaged chalky stubs could be transformed into images of such energy and verve? Such vivacity. Artist and dancer, Sam, sweeps colours over paper, lost in creativity.   A dancer begins to take shape, flies across the page, head thrown back, limbs wide, feet off the floor…..pure joy.



The pastels might be broken but the dancers are still dancing…….

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Forces of Nature

I have posted this photograph before but it is perfect for this challenge so here it is again. I was asked recently by someone if I ‘photoshopped’ this shot. (How very dare they!) The answer is no, what you see is what was captured and I spent many, many hours in the wind, cold and rain to capture it. I process my photographs in the same way that most other photographers do (I shoot in Raw mostly with seascapes so usually tweaks in contrast, highlights, curves if required and conversion to black and white in Camera Raw.) However, I am very firm on the fact that I never add anything that wasn’t there or manipulate an image and to be honest I am not really that competent with editing to do that. This is simply an example how much of a force of nature our sea can be.


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