Weekly Photo Challenge – Inspiration

My Inspiration is and always will be the sea and the sky. They are ever-changing, forceful and constantly pose the most challenges for me in my photography journey.

This week has been all about the ‘Blue Moon’ but for me has been more about the fact that the moon is no longer in my back garden happily facing the sea and quite easy to photograph. Now it is at its best and brightest but in my front garden where street lights, house lights and car lights make it ever more tricky to photograph.

Gone now are all my go to settings of the last few months and now I start again trying to suss it all out to get even close to a semi decent photograph. Tonight I lost the will to live trying to get a sharp, detailed photograph and as the cloud was so nice I threw away the fast shutter rule and opted for a longer exposure.

Blue moon with cloud it is then.

More entries to this challenge here.


5 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Inspiration

  1. You’ve succeeded, certainly I find that an inspiring shot. Gorgeous, actually.

    Dammit … I was gonna post a moon or two myself (I get a lot of inspiration from staring at the moon) (sure beats watching paint dry) but mine are nothing compared to that. Okaaaaaaayyyy — babbling brook it is then …

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