Weekly Photo Challenge – Muse

A Stroll down the beach denoise edited 5 240dpi

My Muse is not a person, it is not a tangible thing. It has always without doubt been based on very deep emotion at any given time in my life and is therefore a fickle and changeable thing.

I took this photograph after I had made a decision that I was going to move to where I am now. In those early days when I look back at my photographs they were without a doubt taken from a very hopeful point of view, yet tinged with a little bit of doubt which I shouted over with.. ‘Hey, This is me, I am going it alone with my kids and we are going to be ok, we will always be ok.’

And we are.

My muse (for want of a better word) comes from within. It is born from strength, pain, happiness, loss, hope, despair, love and longing. Basically just bloody raw emotion and without that we would not have any great art, books or photographs.

That sums muse up for me and this photograph is the epitome of that because the subject, lighting and texture of it can still transport me right back to every second of that moment in time and exactly how I felt when I closed the shutter, each and every time I see it.

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