Weekly Photo Challenge -Half and Half

Half occupied.  I love it when a recent photograph fits the challenge.


More entries to the challenge here. 

20 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge -Half and Half

  1. Ooooooh, naughty!
    I’m gonna tell on you!
    You broke the rules, you’ll get growled at for that!

    You broke the rule of thirds.
    You split the infinite with a horizontal horizon in the (gulp!) middle.
    You high keyed.
    Too much eye-contact.

    In fact, you seem very muc to be one of them ‘rebel’ things—and we pedantic disciplined oafs just ca’t stand originality and independent thinking. For shame!
    Now go stand your camera in the corner for an hour, write by hand a fifteen page letter of apology to President Obes and Angela Merkel—each—and make a truly substantial donation to the Save The Wapiti fund and we’ll say no more about it.

    Just don’t do it again … sheesh …

    • Hahaha! I love breaking the rules. I read once that you should learn the rules for no other reason than you can more enjoy breaking each and everyone of them all the more. 😀

    • Bugger … anticipating your remorse (and need to redeem yourself) I was in so much of a hurry to set up the Wapiti Fund I neglected to proof-read my comment. Is it oafs or oaves? The language is so confusing sometimes—but in passing, let me add that I looooooooove that shot! Boom boom!

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  3. I love when tide’s out…gunk holing, seeing what I can see, if allowed, clamming. Of course I love it when the tide is coming in too. Hmmm. Nice entry.

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