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Candid Portrait – Lost in thought.

My Photography, Weekly Photo Challenge

WPC – Texture 2

Anyone who knows me knows that I am obsessed with clouds, the sea and sunsets. So I couldn’t let this challenge pass by without trying to get at least one or two of those things in and you never know, I may try yet for the third. I took these two photographs tonight from the upstairs bedroom and kicked myself for not thinking to head down to the beach for the sunset, because judging from the bit of sky we can see from the house it looked like it was quite a spectacular one tonight.  Clouds of course always give us beautiful textures.



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My Photography, Weekly Photo Challenge

WPC – Texture. The Red Arrows and Wing Walking.

Well, luckily storm Bertha didn’t hit us until the afternoon so todays air show went ahead as planned. We only stayed for the Red Arrows and Wing Walkers as they were on first so I was lucky enough to get some shots that fit into this weeks challenge because I just love the texture of the smoke. So here are a selection of photographs from the show. I wasn’t really in the right position for some of the tricks so I decided to try to just go for detail instead and they did what they call a ‘Flat show’ due to the ever changing weather, poor visibility and I am guessing low cloud so we were very lucky to see them at all.

DSC_0014S DSC_0018S DSC_0089S DSC_0100s DSC_0124S DSC_0132S DSC_0136S DSC_0141S DSC_0157S

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My Photography, Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge – Zig Zag

If I can get some new ones for this challenge I will be beside myself. It is a hard ask for me while my kids are on six weeks holiday to think straight never mind get my camera out for anything but them.  So these are from photo’s I have posted before in times gone by.  Kind of Zig Zag’ish… I hope.
Trust me though. The Red Arrows know how to zigzag.

DSC_0299SM Dreams Bird


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The Letter That Killed Me | Daily Prompt: Never


Well, I don’t do many reblogs but this poem did really make me catch my breath and the rest of the blog is not half bad either.

Originally posted on like reading on trains:

Tell us about a thing you’ll never write about.

I’ll never tell you about her.

I’ll never tell you how she caught my attention by asking for my attention.
I’ll never tell about how she looked so cute and beautiful and amazing and wonderful and outrageous all at the same time when I first saw her, whenever I saw her, whenever I see her.

I’ll never tell you how my name never sounded the same after she said it.

I’ll never tell you of the songs that I could only sing because of her.
I’ll never write about the letters and the notes I sent her every day.
I’ll never show you the poems I wrote because of her.

I’ll never tell you about the heaven that she revealed to me.
I’ll never show you the universe that she opened for me.
I’ll never write about the paradise that she…

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