Weekly Photo Challenge – Container

I haven’t had anytime to spend on WordPress in the last few weeks as we have been busy, busy so I am due for a good catch up soon. In the meantime this is the only photo I can find that I can match to this challenge. It is a box that contains my son… so technically a container?

DSC_0172 L

Weekly Photo Challenge – Relic

Abama shipwreck on Cleveleys beach.

Abana shipwreck on Cleveleys beach.

I can see this from where I work. It is the relic of the shipwrecked boat Abana that is still visible on the beach when the tide is out. I took this photograph a year or so back and keep promising myself that I must get some better shots of it. It is incredibly old and a great local story. Although it does not mention it in the text that I have added,  local legend has it that the ship mistook the recently built Blackpool Tower for a lighthouse, so adding to it’s plight.

The following text about the story of this shipwreck is taken from and credited to http://www.booths44.freeserve.co.uk/shipwrec.htm

For over a hundred years the wreck of the Abana has lain on the beach between Little Bispham and Anchorsholme, visitors and locals alike perhaps know little of the details surrounding her loss on the 22nd December 1894 in one of the worst storms known on the Fylde coast.

The Abana was a three masted Norwegian Barque of 1200 tons, built at St John’s Newfoundland in 1874 and she belonged to a company who’s home port was Farsund in Norway. Her Captain was a Norwegian, Adolph B. Danielsen and she had a crew of sixteen, thirteen Norwegians and three Swedes plus a dog and a ships cat. Records show the Abana had left Liverpool carrying 500 tons of ballast bound for Sapelo, Florida U.S.A. for a cargo of timber, the weather at that time was hazy with a light easterly breeze.

On Friday the 21st December the barometer started to fall as the storm force winds increased from the South West and in the captains own words “It was blowing a perfect hurricane.” The air speed indicator on top of the Mount at Fleetwood recorded 105mph and gusts of 150mph were recorded at Holyhead, the Fylde Coast looked like a battlefield and the tide at Fleetwood rose 10ft higher than schedule.

Details of ships course given by Captain Danielsen

. Friday 21 Dec. 8-30pm. 10 mile off the Isle of Man.
Saturday 22 Dec. 4-00am. 19 miles off Orme’s Head.
2-00pm. All sails blown away, now under bare poles drifting at the mercy of the storm.
Let go Port anchor but lost it.
Let go Starboard anchor but it started to drag.
Sighted fire on shore.
3-30pm. Ship grounded.

Ashore the plight of the ship had been seen and a beacon fire had been started by Dr Hardman of Cleveleys, someone else who had seen the ship earlier was Mr Robert Hindle of the Cleveleys Hotel who raised the alarm and sent a man on horseback to inform the Blackpool lifeboat. At Blackpool the lifeboat “The Samuel Fletcher of Manchester” had just returned from rescuing the crew of the Fleetwood fishing smack “Petrel” when the messenger from Cleveleys arrived, immediately the lifeboat and crew set off for Little Bispham.

As no road over the cliffs existed at that time the lifeboat had to be taken along the seven miles of country lanes pulled by six powerful draught horses and was eventually launched from the slade just North of Little Bispham, it was now 8-30pm, five hours since the ship grounded.

Extract from the local Blackpool paper. 24th December 1894.

“The following is a list of names of the 16 Blackpool brave men who were the crew of the lifeboat “Samuel Fletcher” which rescued 17 lives off the wreck at Norbreck. Coxswain – John Cartmell. Second Coxswain – C.Cornall. Bowman – R.Parr. Crew – R.Scott. W.Parkinson. R.Parkinson. J.Parkinson (the popular Blackpool footballer). R.Conall. R.Cornall junr. J.Cornall. H.Parr. R.Parr. J.Rimmer. R.Westhead. E.Stanhope. and E.Salthouse.
It was about half past eight when the boat was launched and was a fearfully hard pull to the wreck which lay about half a mile from the shore, and as the tide was about at its height it was a difficult rescue. However with great skill Coxswain Cartmell brought his boat to the lee side of the wreck and hailed “Barque ahoy” as he came alogside, the Captain sang out “How many can you take, there are seventeen of us” “We can take you all” was the reply.
The men were quickly bundled into her and the lifeboat was then turned towards land but with 33 men on board it was rather deep in the water and nearer the shore the keel stuck on top of a sandbank, some of the boatmen leaped into the water and pushed the boat afloat again, then sprang into her and the channel was crossed in safety. What a ringing and deserving cheer went up as the men, one by one, arrived on shore safe and sound, they were then taken to the Red Lion Hotel Bispham where everything was done for them by Mr & Mrs Castle the owners.
Crowds waited anxiously in the neighbourhood of the Central Pier for the retun of the lifeboat, and they had a right royal welcome when about midnight they at last made their appearance and when it became known that seventeen lives had been saved the men were received with lusty cheers. After their long journey and hard exertions they were naturally tired and the supper that awaited them at the Wellington Hotel was exceedingly welcome.”


Captain Danielsen presented the ships bell to Mr Robert Hindle of the Cleveleys Hotel, it now hangs in the North West porch of St Andrews Church, Cleveleys.

Both the Captain’s dog and the ship’s cat were rescued.

WPC – Contrast a tale of two photos.

Please click through to see both photographs.

This photograph was one of my reject ones, there are a few reasons why I wasn’t happy with it. The focus was slightly off what I wanted, she was squinting into the light. I wasn’t happy with the lighting overall and it just didn’t really interest me enough to process it.

However,  my daughter is a huge fan of Dance Moms and all the gala, pageant shows that are currently doing the rounds on telly and she asked me if I could make this (as she put it..) “Like the ‘professions’ make them look. ”  *Huge Sigh*  (In other words… Edited within an inch of it’s life.) So not one to skip a challenge I pulled it into Photoshop and tried to make it look fake like the ones she is on about. (I didn’t go overboard with the editing but you can see the difference). So this is the contrast between a natural unedited portrait shot and an edited portrait shot.

I am not knocking it, lots of people when they pay for a photoshoot in order to hang a photograph of themselves on the wall are quite adamant that they want it photoshopped and there are times where I have a good shot but it just needs some ‘pop’ that I am happy to do it. They want it to look beautiful, soft, unblemished, unfreckly, unwrinkled. However, I personally like a balance where you retain as much of the natural beauty of the person as possible though.  In the second shot with this kind of edit I really feel as though I have lost her in the shot, she looks beautiful but her personality doesn’t shine through anymore for me. I am glad to say, that as much as she did like the second edited one, she still prefers the first totally unedited one. Even if it was one of mummies rejects, because thankfully she loves her freckles.


Frankie1 edit


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It’s been sunny..

For a whole week! Seriously a whole week of sun. Is this the North of England? I decided that the flowers in the garden where I work absolutely needed at least half an hour of watering  today (best do it now before they put a hosepipe ban in place.) Nothing to do with the fact I had my camera with me or it was just too warm to be sat in my office honest.

I also have a sea view from work where I can see the remains from a very old and interesting shipwreck, so if this lovely weather continues and there is some nice light I will get some views from my window during the week. That’s if the rain doesn’t head in. In the meantime I did like that I could get three stages of flowering into this one photograph and was helped by lovely sunshine making the colours very pretty.


WPC 3 – Between me and my window… Is him.


So, this was taken from my sofa directly through the window just today and here is the story. I have seagulls nesting on my roof who have a very fluffy super cute chick. Soon enough though when cute chick gets bigger it will without doubt become big clumsy chick without the ability of flight for the longest time. The big clumsy chick will try to navigate the roof and it is a given that it will fall off and land with a thump into our garden, rendering it a place we will not be able to visit without being attacked quite aggressively by Mr and Mrs Seagull. Summer ruined, no more air dried washing.

At the moment this chap or chapess (I honestly do not know how to gender a seagull but I just see him as a he) comes down and taps with his beak on my lounge window and when I look up he quite literally gives me the beady eye. This happens every day, sometimes twice. I am not sure if it is a warning or just his way of reminding me to fill up my bird feeders whilst I can still actually get into the garden without being pecked to my very almost death.

So, I guess this is between him and my window and between me being able to enjoy my back garden for the foreseeable future. I may not yet master my bee shots. (That is my excuse anyway.)

WPC – Between flowers


I love this weeks challenge because I absolutely love the blog that has inspired it which is Broken Light Collective a truly beautiful blog full of amazing images taken by people who have used photography to work with and overcome struggles of the mind.

There have been times since I have followed this blog that the stories and photographs have resonated with me so clearly and with so much clarity, so this is a very special challenge for me. It has at times brought me to tears yet at the same time has taught me personally that without raw emotion I would not have one single photograph that means anything to me because I always try to photograph from my heart.

I decided a little while ago I was going to try and fill these challenges with new photographs. So this photograph is one from just today in the garden that I thought worked quite well. I failed to get the actual shot I wanted because Mr Bee was not in focus in the way I wanted. I wanted the movement in his wings but more focus in his body. It is proving quite the difficult shot to nail. However I still quite like it for all its flaws. This shot regardless of the fact that it wasn’t the shot I wanted taught me how badly off my settings were for this kind of shot and made me go away and think about what I need to change to get the shot that I initially wanted. (Which I haven’t as yet.)

Nobody ever always gets it right. It is essential in life to make mistakes because without them there can be no growth.


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WPC 3 – Yesterday she gave me extra time…

As I have already said, she is one of my favorite subject to photograph. However,  it really depends on mood she is in as to whether or not she will let me turn the camera on her. Yesterday she noticed that I was photographing my son outside and curiosity got the better of her so she came out and willingly gave me some photography time. As always she said afterwards that she actually really enjoyed it, so maybe just maybe I can start a little project with her. I have some good ideas with her in mind but she is just at that age where putting her in a public place to get the shots I want freak her out. Maybe next year I will be able to get the shots I really want.



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WPC – Extra, extra floaty.


I have three photographs from just today that I would like to use for this challenge and I think I will add them separately. This one is extra floaty, or should that be bouncy?

Of all the subjects that I love photographing, (and there are many, many subjects that I love) my favorite by far has to be my own children. They never fail to give me a shot I love that shows their individual personalities perfectly. When I turn my camera on them I always get far more than I could have ever hoped for. They give me extra every single time.

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WPC – Split Second Story 4


Well, I miss loads of challenges and then I can’t get enough of them can I ?
I captured this one today while we were out and about. For me, this was one of those moments when I got home and I had captured exactly how I felt when I was taking the photograph. My settings were bang on to what I wanted them to be and I captured what was exactly in my head when I saw it. I got the shot I intended to get.  Right down to the little girl I was also watching who was longing to run amongst the seagulls in the distant  background. A rare moment for me in this game as very often my head can go a tad faster than my camera. This is the feeling that keeps me out there with my camera no matter how many times I miss the shot I wanted to get. (Ah it happens to us all, we see it, take it then get home and something we just didn’t venture on is in the background that just spoils that moment.) When we get the one we saw, wanted and intended though, it is just bloody joyous isn’t it?