Weekly Photo Challenge – Yellow

Weekly Photo Challenge – Twinkle.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Gone but not forgotten – Youth.

DSC_0130L (5)

Will you still love me? My love, my love?
I will Love you more.
When my body has gone and will no longer hold me?
I will love you more.
when I can no longer stand and am showing my fear?
I will love your more
I will hold you, and love you. As much as I did.
It was always your mind, my dear.
And if my mind cannot grasp and is living a blur?
I will love you more.
As much as the day that I loved you the most.
You are always the person you were.. 

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Converge 2

Weekly Photo Challenge – Converge

Photography 101 – ‘Edge’ of the water.

Photography 101 – (Windswept) Treasure

Even though she has an attitude the size of a Woolly Mammoth, she is and always will be my treasure.



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