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Weekly Photo Challenge – Reflections

Here is a small gallery of my reflection photographs for this weeks challenge. Reflections are right up there on my favourite things to shoot list. This challenge has prompted me to get out with the camera soon to get some new reflection shots. Please click on the photograph for larger view.



Weekly Photo Challenge – Perspective


When I saw that the daffodils had opened this week it did put things into perspective for me. It has been a long and hard winter but still the last 8 months have been beyond amazing despite the cold, rain and roaring winds. Knowing that Spring will be arriving soon and better weather is heading our way makes me feel deliriously happy.

Critters at Beacon Fell.

We went out for a hike today but the light was not great so despite the rather large hill we climbed there are no scenery pics. I did however find a hairy caterpillar that apparently becomes a fox moth and a birdy (is it a blue tit?) so all was not lost.

I only took a handful of photographs today because usually when I go somewhere new I like to wander around and see with my eyes first, take a few snaps and then go back and see what I can do with my camera. This place is going to be a new favourite so I hope to show you some photographs the amazing views from this point when we return in better light.



Where you go.

I will follow.

WPC – Treasure

DSC_0043sThis is my very favourite flower, given to me by my very own treasure. I have never been a fan of the grand gestures or pricey presents given to prove love, that is just so easy isn’t it?

Simple things show love, knowing what someone’s favourite flower is and surprising them with it, taking a person who loves photography to a beautiful place simply because they know that person will adore it. Loving someone and all their flaws, loving them more because of them. When you find someone like that, you treasure them always because they are few and far between.


Weekly Photo Challenge – Selfie #2

cropped-me.jpgThere are so few photographs of me it is untrue. Some people love to be in front of the camera and I can honestly say that I have never been one of them. I really have no idea why. I literally hide when other people get their cameras out. I am very definitely most comfortable at the other end of the camera capturing a moment for someone else.

The only photographs I like of myself are ones that people have been taken candidly because I can see the person I know is me in them, I can see myself listening  to what was being said or laughing at something that was funny. No matter how crap I look in them I like those photographs. The ones where someone shouted ‘Smile’ and made everyone stand still I cannot bare because I will not fail to look awkward and uncomfortable and like I have 12 chins.

I think this problem has transcended in my own photography journey up to now where I still prefer candid portraits to staged portraits. I am at a crossroads but I know I am not ready for that next step.


Weekly Photo Challenge 2 – Object. Rainbow

See, on my bucket list is to go and see the Northern lights in all their glory. It is number 1. Yet how can we ignore rainbows as just as glorious in their own way?
They are so utterly beautiful and so fleeting and present in our own skies yet more elusive than the best sunset . Still, when they appear they make each and every one of us as adults go back to our childhoods just for a moment in time . I know this is not technically an object, but it is certainly an object of my desire.  I will never stop looking for that pot of gold and wanting to know just quite where it ends.

Frankie portraits

DSC_6414SMI love shooting her in natural light and she is so good in front of the camera. This was shot with no flash in low light, high ISO to give it a grainy could have been taken in any era feel.
After I took this whilst I was playing with the camera settings I came across something I have only done in photoshop before, double exposures in camera with no editing. I didn’t realise that I could actually do that within this camera and will be something that at some point I will be having a proper play with.
The below photograph for me has a real air of the 60′s about it for some reason.  This was a double exposure taken in the garden. I quite like it and will be looking at good places to experiment with more exposures to try to create some thought out arty portraits in the future.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Windows

DSC_6104smOops, I am falling behind with the challenges. Better late than never.

The sea swallows have flown. Or rather been nicked.

DSC_5970s DSC_5972s DSC_5973SMThese are the latest addition to the art along Cleveleys prom that has been inspired by the Sea Swallow book.

Sadly when I went to photograph them seven of them had already been removed, stolen basically.

I have to say, when I first saw them I did wonder how long they would last. They are lovely in the right light though and I hope that they replace them but I don’t hold out much hope for them staying put sadly.

Hopefully the act will have been caught on cctv but the truth is, you can’t stop these kind of things from happening and they are perhaps a bit delicate. If the vandals don’t get them, I am not sure they would survive a mighty high tide.

I was really disappointed because I did want to get a shot of all of them in place but sadly there were only about 5 of them left.

I will keep popping down to see if they have all be replaced so I can at least get a nice photograph of them all in situ.


Weekly Photo Challenge – Beginning

Of a new years winter of stormy high tides. In the first photograph, it looks like a scary sea monster is heading to shore!

DSC_5698s DSC_5720s DSC_5803s DSC_5808s DSC_5815s

Next year…

Next year.. Flap those wings just as hard as you can or those old war planes will get ya! Don’t let them.


In the woods

DSC_5487sm DSC_5488sm DSC_5507bwsmSo recently I got to do something a little bit different. I went to the woods at night to do a mini photo shoot for a young local band called the Atmospherics.

I didn’t use any fancy lighting for this shoot, I kept it very basic as I just wanted it to be quite raw. It was a brilliant experience to do something like this which is pretty much way out of my comfort zone as an introvert so I was quite proud of myself for agreeing to it in the first place!

They were happy with the end shots that I sent them which I guess is the main thing!





DSC_0117LbwAnd in the darkness of the night
when many others will take flight
I promise this to you,
I will always hold you close,
and accept you when you need me most.
I promise this to you.
When we lie upon our bed
no words will ever need be said.
I will show you fire and pain and lust,
I will be one you always trust.
And when the sun turns into dusk,
I will give myself to you.


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